Monday, July 15, 2019

Hanging at the CRYPT owl nite

I found an old cool music programme about Tim Warren and his label CRYPT RECORDS on YouTube. The show also included an OBLIVIANS interview + live footage, and videos by other bands on the label. It was broadcast (in English) on a German music TV channel called VIVA in 1996. Back in the old days, you had to upload longer programmes in shor 10 minute bits. In 2010 the uploader divided the approx. 50 min. show into five parts. Unfortunately, the truly anal copyright Gestapo police decided that parts 1-4 were objectionable (in reg. to copyrights I assume) and had to go (i.e. according to a later post by the uploader).

In order to keep the Crypt special on YouTube, in 2011 the uploader edited the 50 min. programme into two approx. 10 min parts and uploaded them leaving out the copyrighted music. However, when I discovered the programme (yesterday) it soon became clear that - without the uploader being aware of this - YouTube had reconsidered and let parts 1, 3 and 4 back on (part 5 was never censored). So now only part 2 was missing.

I had a look at the various parts and discovered that part 1 of the re-uploaded/edited part actually contained all the missing interview parts from the missing original part 2 (still missing the music videos, though). So I'm spending the night editing together a "complete" version of the show (it's missing a couple of music videos but the full OBLIVIANS and Tim Warren interviews are there + the OBLIVIANS live footage).

It was a pain but fortunately I had a pile of new LP's from Crypt to listen to while working (see my previous post). Ive been away for a few days and have only had the chance to listen to one of them so far (Reatards - "Teenage Hate") so I pulled out CHEATER SLICKS - "Skidmarks" + a second hand copy of THE RUNAWAYS debut LP I got a while back (but haven't really listened to). The Cheater Slicks record was great (needless to say). Runaways is ... fun, and interesting in a historical context (as several of the band members went on to have long careers in rock music, not least Joan Jett and Lita Ford), but I doubt the record is gonna get into my top 10 or even top 5000.

Friday, July 12, 2019

REATARDS - teenage hate

Last time I ordered records from Tim Warren's CRYPT Records was 8 years ago! (and as I've mentioned the past ten posts or so) My record player broke down years ago and but I've finally got a new one (second hand but good condition). First thing I did was to check out and order a pile of platters at CRYPT's way cool online shop, stuff that I wanted way back but just never got hold of. Yesterday, I recived 10 (!!!) albums (LP + 1 cd) (good thing records these days are way cheaper than back in the 80s!). Here's one of them, REATARDS (sic) and their debut LP, "Teenage Hate". It's a reprint which includes an extra record. If you're into garage punk you'll most likely to be well aware of Jay Reatard's his band Reatards but it's just one of those bands I never got around to getting hold of back in the day. I'm playing the album for the second time now and it's awesome!

Btw, if you're an old garage rock fan who (like me) fell outta the loop and wonder what became of Tim Warren; no need to worry, according to this quite new interview he's still at it!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

DEATH VALLEY '69 (Richard Kern, 1985)

I've owned Richard Kern's DVD "Hardcore" collection of his underground films from New York for well over 10 years. Last night I rebought the collection - this time on blu-ray. From, haha.

The above video is Kern's short film for the Sonic Youth track "Death Valley '69" about the Manson murders. It has the look and feel of any Richard Kern underground film. It has Kern regulars Lung Leg and Lydia Lunch in it! (although the latter only on the soundtrack) Great video/Kern flick.

Monday, July 1, 2019

I admit I haven't watched one single movie the past few days. I'm rediscovering my record collection. Here's some more that I played today.

I bought the JIMI HENDRIX - "Live at the Isle of Wight" LP in 1987. That's 32 years ago! Most of you weren't even born in 1987.

The IMPERIET mini LP is a favourite that I bought in 1984!! It still has perfect playback.

The CRAMPS four track ep is new to me but it's second hand and the cover is worn and so is the record. There's no skipping though and needless to say the Cramps are great. The B side is three live tracks that were initially recorded for John Waters' CRY BABY (but he didn't use them). Incidentally, the title track is from their record "Stay Sick!"

BLACK SABBATH - "Greatest hits" is a great record. I bought it in 1985 and I'm playing it as I type this.

LP's on the turntable this arvo!

I posted some record covers over on the Danish part of this blog. It's in Danish but you can still have a look at the sleeves. Go here.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Don't bake in the sun - stay in and spin platters!

Records on the turntable yesterday.
Today I tried to play not one, not two, but three SONIC YOUTH cd's and they all kept skipping so gave it up. Argh! LOL
The RAMONES live LP was a first spin. So were MISFITS, SHAM 69, NICO (but have heard another copy), BLONDIE and PATTY SMITH. The LEATHER NUN LP I've listened to many times (recorded live at the "Ungdomshuset" in Copenhagen).

The Ramones LP sounds alright (it's a boot) but the pix are awful quality; i.e. low res downloads from the internet. The Misfits record is a boot too and unfortunately it's not the original singer. Wiki tells me Sham 69 broke up because they couldn't get rid of their skinhead following (!!!). The Patty Smith record was so dirty I had to literally wash it as the needle kept getting stuck.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Vinyl everywhere, everywhere vinyl

Yet another day with more vinyl records on the turntable. Some old stuff, some new stuff, som awesome stuff and some (one!) less exiting stuff. 

On top is a "new" 10" on red vinyl from L7 that I bought 8-10 years ago but that I've never listen to before due to not having had a record player. It's pretty awesome. The Necessary Evils: Scary songs about dead people riding on trains (of death) and stuff. Awesome. Actually double awesome. Johnny Cash does two songs in German! He was quite the linguist. Danes remember Johnny introducing himself at great length in Danish on local tv sometime in the 70s. The Burnouts: Long gone Danish garage-punk band. Trumpet-boy: This was in a pile of second hand singles I bought years ago at a fair. Cool cover but not my style of music. Jane Birkin: A way cool records (featuring Serge Gainsbourg) and a not so cool record, haha. The latter is a very odd release and boring track (same track on both sides in English and French). According to Discogs this was a free record that came with a bottle of Black & White Whisky. Jane Birkin sold out to Whisky! 

Motörhead 7 inch "Golden Years Live EP" and a 10 year anniversary record. The latter I bought in Yugoslavia in 1986! I always figured it was a bootleg but it isn't. I'm playing it as I'm typing this. Great innersleeve with lyrics and Lemmy's comments about each track + a ton of photos and some Kerrang hack's rundown of the band story.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

How to keep cool in boiling heat

Despite what I always tell you I don't live in an Addams Family style house located on top of a hill on the outskirts of town. I'm in a shoebox size flat on the third floor (fourth if you're American) and it's broiling hot. I'm keeping cool by blasting out new and old records. David Koenig wants me to "go ahead and milk your having returned to vinyl" so I'll do just that (or am I paraphrasing here??? muhahaha).

I spun a handful of classics last night, THE CRAMPS' "A date with Elvis" is new to me on vinyl (flawless playback but worn sleeve). The BUZZCOCKS live I got from eBay. Perfect condition although it was released 29 yrs ago. THE LEATHER NUN 12" ep I bought in 1986 and it still sounds amazing (playback AND music). THE BIRTHDAY PARTY live LP I bought in Melbourne in the '90s. It's an official release but reportedly the band wasn't happy about the result. I don't understand why not as it's a super fab record. Great cover front and back (Nick Cave sporting his "A good cop is a dead cop" T-shirt, haha) and great live recording. Pretty rare now (also released as an equally rare cd).

And finally one of the suuuuper cool compilations from Tim Warren's Crypt Records. I've got four of these volumes and I want the rest! (and a new copy of this one as it's pretty worn by now). Oh, and now that I'm playing old garage records I reckon I might as well read some old garage punk/rawk fanzines, so here's "Drink & Drive" no. 3. Man, I bought that issue 21 years ago!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Through the wee hours

LP bootleg limited to a 1000 copies. There's a cassette release as well

As I mentioned a couple of posts back I've finally got a record player for the first time in 10 years. I spent all evening and most of the night last night going thru the olde collection and spinning old and new platters. "New" in the sense of having bought them during the ten year period and thus never actually been able to listen to them.

I spent like three to four hours dividing the collection into four groups:
- Old well known records that I bought in the 1980s and '90s
- "New" records that I bought post 2000 and that I have listened to
- "New" records that I've bought but haven't listened to
- Second hand records that I've bought but haven't listened to.

 Here's the last three records that I played before hitting the sack in the early hours of this morning; The MINOR THREAT / YOUTH BRIGADE LP is a bootleg of old demos. It belongs in the "New and never listened to" category. Unfortunately, it turned out as a bit of disappointment. Not the music but the record. I bought it from new, not second hand, but it has a huge scratch on the B side which covers an entire track! Not cool.

The three track OBLIVIANS 7" is as cool as I remember it. Like everyone else these days the Oblivians have reformed and are playing gigs. They first formed 26 years ago. Aren't garage-punk bands supposed to consist of disgruntled snotty teenagers!?

The PETER BELLI & BABY WOODROSE single won't mean much to you unless you're Dutch (or whatever the hell they are around here). Peter Belli was a wild rock 'n' roller in the 1960s. The Baby Woodrose guys thought his "Det du ka' li'" was cool and decided to make a cover using the original singer. He's an old guy now. The A side is a cover of THE MONKEES' "Steppin' Stone" but with new lyrics. It's kinda rare now. There's five copies on Discoqs ranging from 40 to 50 euros.