Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Time To Die

Alright, I was gonna write some more intro stuff about glorious meee but, ush, I couldn't be arsed tonight (no, not a very good start, ha ha). Anyway, I watched an entertaining (although not that good) Indo flick (i.e. Indonesian film) called NO TIME TO DIE. Actually it's a German Indonesian co-production filmed in Indonesia. It stars Barry Prima and Chris Mitchum. Advent Bangun (also an Indo film regular) was also in it. As I said, it was okay without being neither as wild nor crazy as the other Indo movies I've seen. It's very rare these days but I got hold of a Japanese VHS from a seller in Sweden who advertised for it at the Cinehound forum. Hmm, I guess I should tell you about Cinehound shouldn't I. But not tonight, baby, I'm tired!

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