Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What if... Godfrey Ho had...

Tonight, I watched the HK movie ROBO VAMPIRE. Hm, how can I describe ROBO VAMPIRE? Well, if you can imagine the HK producers having asked Godfrey Ho to do MR VAMPIRE (thee best 'hopping vampire' movie ever made) just after he ran out of Richard Harrison footage!! That is what ROBO VAMPIRE is; MR VAMPIRE done the Godfrey Ho way, and with third rate Richard Harrison clones, haha. Very entertaining, very crappy. It's so entertainingly crappy (or crappily entertaining) that I don't even WANT to see it without the horrid English dubbing!

There's two DVDs in the US, the Brentwood one is a double bill with the sequel DEVIL'S DYNAMITE (which I haven't seen yet). This is the version I watched. It's letterboxed and copied from... a Japanese video tape!!! And guess what, it doesn't matter one iota!



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