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[I might as well reprint these two reviews here on my own blog!]
aka Super Platoon / Dschungel Ratten part 2: Black Warrior.

Filipino war flick set during the Vietnam war. A group of soldiers is signed to rescue two US soldiers and a couple of civilians who are kept captive by the Vietcong. The first half of the film is getting there and, obviously, the second half is getting away again. In between we're treated to a very violent and entertaining war flick - Filipino exploitation style.

This is out on Japanese vhs under (I believe) the title Super Platoon. However, it was recently released fully uncut by X-rated in Germany which is a very welcome release as it doesn't exist uncut on dvd anywhere else. The picture is fullscreen but the cassette states this is the original format (I have no idea if this is true) and it's all beautifully dubbed in the Queens German

However, despair not, there's English subtitles!! And, once again, I have no idea as to why! Why didn't they just put the English dubbed audio track on the dvd. Apparently more audio tracks cost more money and I guess X-rated wanted to cut costs but at the same time wanted to secure at least some sale outside of the German speaking countries and thus subtitled it. The subs contain a few grammar mistakes here and there but are fairly alright.

I got my copy from D&T in Austria and although it cost me an arm and a leg (D&T is not exactly a cheap place to shop) I'm happy about my new purchase. BLACK WARRIOR is both pretty violent and pretty entertaining (and then some more violent). The ending leaves room for a sequel if I ever saw one! Btw, in Germany it was released as a sequel to another Filipino war flick called JUNGLE RATS which was released as Dschungel Ratten hence: Dschungel Ratten part 2: Black Warrior. Don't let the dubbing put you off, as I said, very entertaining!


The dvd at D&T

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