Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well hello there

The past two days I've had visitors from Japan and Greenland! Cool!! Now do stick around.


  1. Erm... okay... but we're out of coffee. And Gynther stole the last bag of chips. :(

  2. But you live to tell. Not always the case when dealing with Gynther. You should consider yourself lucky.

  3. Btw, how come you're always leaving those snide remarks over at Søren's Skræk & Rædsel?

  4. You're referring to Zonk, my crazy twin brother. Not me.
    And I could still do with a refill...

  5. Yeah right. Zonk is also aka Gynther Meyer, and since your very first comment on this blog was under the moniker of Gynther Meyer and since we've just established Gynther Meyer is aka Zonk, it kinda means Zonk is also aka Zink!!!

    Seems to me Cyberspace is getting crowded with people who are their own twins. They're everywhere; Uncut, Cinehound, here! (LOL x 50)


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