Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rambu Vs. Cynthia Rothrock

Rats!! It's past five in the morning and I can't sleep cos of my stoopid cold! So I might as well tell you about my latest aquired Peter O'Brian films, haha. Well, actually "they" are the same film! Yesterday, I received the Indonesian Cynthia Rothrock film TRIPLE CROSS on both UK and US vhs. In this film Peter O'Brian plays (apparently) the bad guy and (obviously) Cynthia Rothrock the good guy. The UK tape contains the original edit of the film, however, the US tape is a re-edited, re-dubbed, and re-titled version called ANGEL OF FURY! Yes, weird indeed. So far I've only watched (and compared) about five minutes of the two versions but it's very obvious the US edit is quite different. Quite a bit of the dialogue scenes have been shortened and the credit sequence is completely altered.

More Rambu later...

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