Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Glory days

Received the premiere ish of Sweden's new fanzine "Gory-Glory Magazine" today. Exciting! I haven't received a fanzine for the past two years! I remember back in the olden days when there were zines in your letterbox every month. Those days are definitely gone. Usch! Everything was better in the old days; music was something you could actually listen to, not like the infernal racket they pass on as "music" these days. Films were better. Hell, television was better. I miss black & white television. And if your arm broke your dad would just fix it, not like today where you have to go into hospital and shit. I miss the old days.


  1. On the original post about this zine, I saw that it said something about tattoos on the cover. Are there any movie tattoos in it?

  2. Nah. There's a 2 page feature about a Tattoo festival in Sweden. It only tells you what went on and who attended (of famous tatoo guys).