Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Green Slime

I watched THE GREEN SLIME (1968) this morning. Wauw, what can I say other than fun, cheesy, and more fun. LOL. And the theme song is great. Greeen sliiiiime. :-)
The dvd is unfortunately fullscreen but screw that it was a fun movie regardless. Hopefully we're gonna see an official dvd soon (that's the rumour anyway). Oh, and those monsters! THE GREEN SLIME was made in Tokyo by Toho but if you expect their usual style monsters you're in for a surprise! These monsters are soo ridiculous it's... ridiculous! Haha. Totally laughable... but good fun. You should watch it.


  1. Oh! I would love an official release in correct ratio of this movie! I loved - or at least I loved it when I was twelve... but in my mind I'm still twelve. So what the fuck!

  2. Hm, The Nomads used to do a track entitled "16 forever", LOL.

    I would love a proper release as well as you, and actually, earlier this year, someone over at RueMorgue forum mentioned there's a reg.1 dvd on its way. I'm crossing my fingers that it's true.

  3. As of December 2010 there is an official LTBX version of "The Green Slime" available on's website.

    And if you look around carefully you can find it just to take a peek at it.

  4. As of December 2010 there is a downloadable version of this movie available from ~ just check the website.

  5. Hey there, AFare24Get!
    Thanks, mate! I was actually aware of the WB release but had forgotten to update this post. I still need to actually get hold of it tho (so many movies so little time, LOL). Thanks again.