Friday, November 28, 2008

Last of the zombies... the trailers

While we wait here's a couple of trailers for Mattei's last zombie flicks. Unfortunately, I can only embed the first one but if you click those links apart from the trailers there's also scans and film details as well + a press-book.


ZOMBIES THE BEGINNING (same trailer but better picture quality and there's info on the page about the film)

(On this page there's also a press-book you can download. It's nothing special but still).

And for ol'e times sake; ZOMBI 3


  1. It's only okay because it's Mattei.

    That's all I have to say.

  2. I know, I know. I'm not trying to fool anybody into believing Mettei was a good director or anything. He wasn't. Not by anybody's standards!

    He made crap movies! BUT they were ENTERTAINING crap movies! At least in MY book but then again I can tolerate MULTO CRAPPO movies if they are entertaining.

    The funny (and multo saddo) thing is also the fact that Mattei was probably the last genre director to make these movies when everybody in Italy had either stopped/died/turned to television!

    He just kept at it, even if he had to film on bloody video, in the Philippines, and with actors and actresses who were barely above porn level. He didn't give a fuck and that's why I like his films. But, yeah, sure, you're right; he sucked!

  3. The fun thing about Zombies: The beginning is that a complete carbon copy of Aliens, only with zombies. Scene after scene is copied by hilariously worthless actors. Someone should sue! Great entertainment though. :)

    I'm sure as hell am gonna buy both of them as soon as I get my hands of them.

  4. Jocke,
    I'm gonna get hold of these babies as well and actually another Swede explained how to get hold of them a couple of days ago (go to post #98):

  5. Recension av Island of the Living Dead finns nu på min blogg. ;)

    Swedish only. ;)