Sunday, April 12, 2009

A coupla old faves

Just brilliant! I found trailers for two old personal favourites! First up is a rare trailer for the Danish movie DVÆRGEN (aka The Sinful Dwarf / The Dwarf) which (as y'all know for sure) is out from AWE in its original uncut Danish version now. Actually, the trailer isn't even included on the Danish DVD. I believe it was Ian F. who dug it up somewhere and notified the American company about it so they could put it on their reg.1 disk (which btw contains the CENSORED international version!).

Cool trailer for old favourite #2: Andy Sidaris' STACEY! starring Anne Randall and Anitra Ford. I remember a long gone buddy of mine once described it (in an issue of Moshable magazine in the mid-90s) as a blaxploitation flick just with white people, LOL. Sure, I'll subscribe to that. Unfortunately, it's never been released on DVD.

I liked STACEY! so much I even used the video cover art for an issue of Stay Sick! more than five years ago.

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