Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey lemme just force feed ya with some more JUST HEROES!

A wee bit more coverage on JUST HEROES; I found the trailer for the film on YouTube. It's also on the MIA tape and now it's also right here for your enjoyment and pleasure!!

And here's a Cinema flyer I borrowed from Phantom of Pulp's blog (I hope you don't mind, Phantom). It's half past 2 in the morning here so I'm too tired to explain about the flyers again but if you check out the comments for the last couple of posts with HK movies you'll know what it's all about.

The flyer here is from Russell Cinema where JUST HEROES was shown and as you can see it's from 1990. I didn't arrived in Melbourne till '91 so unfortunately I never got to see the film at the cinema (I'm sure it ran again but, uh, so many films!! And besides, I kinda tried to also have a life outside of the cinema, haha). But of the John Woo flicks I do remember going to see were HARD-BOILED and the A BETTER TOMORROW films (several times). The first HK movie I saw in Australia was A BETTER TOMORROW at the 40th Melbourne Film Festival in '91. What a kick off, eh!

(Click the scan for a bigger size)

Phantom of Pulp also wrote a piece on JUST HEROES right here.


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