Thursday, April 2, 2009

I wish I had a cult

You would all follow me. Cater to any of my needs and wishes. Rub my feet and wash my clothes. You would give me your hard-earned bread. Well, not bread as such because obviously you would cook great meals for me (and do the dishes). I wish I had a cult, then I'd be a happy man. I wish I had a dog. Hmmm. I did have a dog... wonder what happened to it. Anyway, gimme a cult. Any cult. Be my disciple, any disciple will do really.

Oh, and incidentally, I won this on eBay today:

[VHS/UK/English language/no subs/pre-cert]

[VHS/Denmark/courtesy of Diabolik, Cinehound forum]


(click scans for bigger size)


  1. That's a great movie! Stuart Whitman does one of his best parts every in this film. Sure, some people will say it's exploitive - but the whole Guyana-tragedy was a pure exploitation-movie, but for real.

    Just wish there was a good and uncut dvd-release of it.

  2. There is an Italian dvd with English option but apparently it doesn't run any longer than the vhs. I have never watched the film and I'm having a hard time finding out how long the uncut print is, or even if there is a longer print than the Danish and UK vhs.