Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Super Eastern eight

[click scan for much bigger size]

I have a new camera so I might as well show you my old (but mint condition) poster for the 8 Video International releases that came out in their "Super Eastern Serien" series in Denmark back in the 1980s. These tapes are more rare than getting laid at a dike slumber party and I'm sorry to say I only have GHOSTLY FACE in my collection (but that's probably also the coolest of the lot! Plus it's letterboxed and uncut. Yay! LOL).


  1. Dear god, I sincerely hope that I never land myself in the VHS-swamp again. Its pretty damn expensive nowadays

  2. Yeah please stay away from the VHS swamp! We don't need yet another Swede with tons of money to scoop up the goodies!! LOL.

    That rare poster is one I got for peanuts at a film fair some five yrs ago. Nobody that I know of has it other than me. :D

  3. Thanks!

    I scored "Den gyldne Trekant" two or three weeks ago, and had a hard time finding anything out about it, Since the cover has no information about cast or crew. Just that handpainted cover and feverish stills of people fighting on the back.

    Now I have something to go on.

  4. Hi ! (I suppose that's not your real name, LOL).

    Cool that you got "Den gyldne Trekant"!! Where did you find it? I totally envy you! I love those covers and would love to have them all. All 8 films were re-released by "Video International" but with different VERY BORING covers that all showed the same ninja still. The only difference was each tape's individual title + they were numbered.

    Reg. the credits: So I take it the print doesn't have any credits? Weird.