Friday, May 1, 2009

More horror en español!

It's four in the morning and I think it's of utmost importance that I tell you I have just purchased even more Mexican horror movie related stuff!! I won the old rare and muy deleted video release of DR. SATAN and secondly I ordered the (probably) very exiting British book "Hispanic Horrors" (from Midnight Media). Woo-hoo!! Oh, and yesterday I bought LA NAVE DE LOS MONSTRUOS (aka The Ship Of Monsters) from 1960. I first discovered the film on Don_fofo's way cool blog Cinediondo. Check the post here and even if you don't read Spanish then at least check the cheesy screen grabs! (otherwise you could use my Bablefish translator at the bottom of this page).

The sequel DR. SATAN Y LA MAGIA NEGRA (Dr. Satan Vs. Black Magic).

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