Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Okay so I lost another auction

Last night, I mentioned over at Cinehound that I lost yet another eBay auction (for a rare Cüneyt Arkin flick) and jester-man Kenneth M. said he'd put up a camera in my flat and posted the video he'd recorded... and here it is. Gee, thanks Kenneth. LOL.


I don't think I go quite that much over board in rage over not winning some shit, haha.

(Truth be told; my philosophy is you win some, you lose some, and altho losing is annoying it's also alright. In my book anyway. Unfortunately, there are people out there who might take it a tad too personal, haha)


  1. Isnt the fight half the fun? Or at least a small part of it? :)

    If you could just point and click and pay, there wouldn be any fun!

  2. LOL. No there might not be any fun with it but if you could get what you wanted without having to fight for it (i.e. pay ridiculous amounts of money for shitty video tapes, and have to wait 7 months for another copy every time you lose one) then I wouldn't miss the "fight" AT ALL.

    I'm not a gambler or in it for the fun of it. I just wanna get them damn tapes home where they belong! On MY shelf!! Haha.

  3. I like your attitude when it comes to bidding, Jack. I go apeshit when I loose!


    I have to disagree with you. If I could just point and click at every tape I wanted, I would be a very happy man :) Hehe

    I understand what you say. It's fun winning. But when the struggle to win draines your account it becomes slightly annoying.

    I know I shouldn't do it, but since many of my tapes cost me shitloads I compare the movie to the price. ''Hey. Let's watch Heroes Blood. Which cost me $120 - This better be the best fucking trashy pinoy war movie ever!''