Saturday, May 23, 2009

Phantom Raiders

Apparently there's about 5 minutes of dialogue in PHANTOM RAIDERS! XD

PS: Not to be confused with another Filipino flick, the war/horror movie PHANTOM SOLDIERS.

For a review go here. And for the Filipino trash war blog go here.


  1. Every time I read your blog I get the urge to go and get all my old tapes from the basement. This time it reminded me of a betamax I have, a thai-action film from the seventies... wish I had a beta-player!

    I also have some thai-movie with Robert Ginty OR Wings Hauser, pale and chubby, trying to look sexy in some silly action romp. A must see.

  2. Yeah, I usually have that effect on people: I put that paper-bag over my head and people hide in the basement. LOL.

    And wouldn't I love to see your basement! Unfortunately, I don't live in Stockholm! From what you tell me I believe it's a treasure trove!

  3. If you ever come here, let me know and we'll dive into the basement for a look :)

  4. Cool. I'll do that. Thanks, Fred.