Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lost Asia: YOUNG FLYING HERO (1970)

For the longest time this film (which appears to be an amazing kung fu monster movie!!) was considered lost among fans! Well, as we speak it's on its way to Casa J!!


YOUNG FLYING HERO (Taiwan, 1970)

Unfortunately, this remains lost:

DEVIL FIGHTER (Taiwan, 1969)


  1. Which format did you get it in?

    Seems like a fun flick.

  2. If the movie is half as good as that poster it would seem your in for a great time!

  3. It ONLY exists on a VERY deleted and obscure video tape WITHOUT English subs. It's available from FLK.

    Read more about FLK here:


  4. I've got the original poster for YOUNG FLYING HERO, Jack, but not the movie. Looks like it might be pretty good.

  5. You've got the original poster? Cool!!

  6. Yeah, I got it in a stack of posters I bought a couple years ago. I got about 300 old school Asian movie posters, mostly Shaw Brothers and the rest are indies. The YOUNG FLYING HERO one was a freebie since I used to buy so many in bulk. I posted a bunch of my posters at I'll see if the thread is still there.

  7. Would be awesome to see some of the posters you have :)

    I know I'll regret it, because I'll be jealous as hell. Hehe.

  8. I'm jealous too. And yes please see if you can find that thread, Brian. Cheers.

  9. Check here on page 9. There's a black and white lobby set for OPIUM & THE KUNG FU MASTER on this page and the posters should follow from there.

    There's a bunch of them shown. I can post a list of everything I have I also forgot I have dozens of color and b/w lobby sets and various other Shaw memorabilia, too. I spent WAYYYYY too much money on that stuff!

  10. Brian, I checked your link and wauw! Do post the rest please. Very cool stuff. And you're not the only one who has spent WAY too much on posters and lobby cards (I'm sure Patrick will agree on this one as well!). :-(

  11. Darn, you have to be a member. I'll check it out tomorrow then.

    And yes, Jack - I have spent too much on posters and movie memorabilia. But movies are what I live for, so why not :) Hehe.

    I don't have a sick amount of posters, but that doesn't mean I spent some $$ on 'em.

    My posters can be viewed at my blog (Bad promotion). Hehe.

  12. Maybe I should post my posters at my site, then? I just don't have the type of printer to post them in any other way aside from simply snapping a pic of them with a camera. The scanner I do have isn't big enough for the lobby sets either. The b/w sets are no problem, though.

  13. I know. Making proper scans of posters is a problem. And even of lobby cards. I have a whole pile of cool lobbies from Mexico and they're all too big for my scanner. :/

    But do go ahead and post photos of them!