Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Screw the dvd, hd and blu-ray. I want the VIDEO-CD!!

Someone over on ADG posted THIS scan today!! The Hong Kong VCD release of John Woo's masterpiece BULLET IN THE HEAD.

Rats!!! Why didn't I find this!! Yeah yeah I know; envy is an ugly thing but still!!!

- In case you're not familiar with the background for my desire to own this VCD (a desire I share with tons of fellow HK movie/John Woo collectors) let me just point out that this is the only release that contains the original version of John Woo's amazing movie BULLET IN THE HEAD. All other video tapes, DVD's, laserdisks, TV recordings, and what have you, do NOT contain the original version but altered versions!

Yes, unfortunately the only way to watch John Woo's original idea for this movie is via this low-quality format. And in addition to that it's close to impossible to find! Congrats to the guy on ADG who finally tracked it down.

NB: As a response to this post Phantom Of Pulp did another post here where he showed proper scans of the VCD and gave some more incisive info on the different versions. Check it out.


  1. A Great Film. I first saw this on a third generation tape that may well have been the full version. The scenes with the soldier getting his arms blown off, the infamous drinking urine scene. I can't recall which is the less seen ending, whether its the car showdown or the boardroom ending ?.
    Of course the True Version of John Woo's actually ran at over three hours - a whopping hour longer than any preferred Full Version !. Yes indeed John Woo committed over three hours of Bullet In The Head to film only for the studio to order him to cut it down to a commercial screening version. Now does that three hour take exist in John Woo's basement somewhere just waiting to be unleashed some day ?. How Cool would that be.

  2. I have this VCD.

    It has the office ending (my preferred), and some of the violence is cut (knife thrown into throat).

    It has the only complete soundtrack of any versions, and for that reason I love it.

    BTW, you just inspired me to scan and post the VCD's art.

  3. That's just swell, Mark. And if your next move is to copy it and send me a copy then you wouldn't hear a word of complaint from me. :D

    The sad thing is altho I have seen the film in a few different formats I have never actually watched this version. :-(

  4. Yeah Paul, who knows what'll come out some day as a special longer, much longer, ltd edition! LOL.

  5. Let's keep complaints to a dull roar. Email me your address. I'm phantomofpulp@gmail.com

  6. Paul, about which is the more common ending scene. I believe it's the longer scene with the car chase. This is the one I've always seen on sell-thru video tapes and dvd's. It's also the one from Hong Kong Legends. But what I would love to find out is which of the two endings was his original ending? I've read people say it's the boardroom ending but then other people say that ending was made so the film could fit some format or what have you. I'd just like to know which one he originally intended to use. And why was the film and its music changed so much.

  7. Thanks, Phantom. I hope you've received my email.