Monday, September 28, 2009

Thriller - A Cruel Picture

Alright, this isn't supposed to become the prime blog collectors turn to to check out what's going on the the world of rare VHS auctions... but I am gonna turn your attention to just one more exclusive auction; The Swedish VHS release of THRILLER - EN GRYM FILM, or as it's known in English THRILLER - A CRUEL PICTURE, directed by Bo Arne Vibenius and starring Christina Lindberg. This female revenge film is very very rare on Swedish VHS. For a long time only one copy was known to exist but now this second copy has turned up. It's not on eBay but on the Swedish eBay equivalent Tradera. The auction is running for another day and the latest bid as I write this is just over 5000 Swedish kronor ($715+). For the auction go here.

PS: No, you don't need to participate in the auction in order to watch the film as there's a really good reg. 1 DVD out. And in contradiction to the tape it's fully uncut (but be aware there's also an R-rated DVD. Make sure you get the right one, LOL).


  1. An old ugly cut VHS of THRILLER for 5000kr when you can get the amazing DVD? It may be rare, but I see no reason for buying this when you have the Synapse DVD. But I kinda get it. I don't know. Bah.

  2. You're absolutely right and I would never pay good money for this tape. But I think the auction itself is interesting: There are collectors who ARE willing to pay over 700 dollars for this (and probably a lot more) ONLY because it's a rare tape. But then again, maybe we are hypocrites; I mean you and I were willing to pay heaps of money for GUTS EATER even tho we can watch the film on dvdr. What's the difference? I made bids for BLACK MAGIC WITH BUDDHA simply because it was an ex-rental tape. I already have the sell-thru tape. I dunno. Gimme another beer (no wait, that's YOUR line, haha).

  3. Sometime I will tell the story about my afternoon with Bo-Arne Vibenius watching Thriller and Breaking Point in his livingroom :)

    I know Thriller sometime get's blamed for being overhyped... but I don't think so. It's still a great movie!

    And Jack, thanks for what I found in the mail today. That makes you the cutest dane together with Kit Gavin :)

  4. LOL, thanks, and my pleasure.

    Kit Gavin is Danish?

  5. Jack: Kit, which is a good friend of mine, is danish. His parents live in denmark, he speaks danish perfect and I consider him danish :)

    Maybe he's half-danish, I never asked him about it.

  6. Rats! There are so few of us and I literally thought I'd met all Danes but you're actually telling me there's one I haven't met!! Shock horror! Haha.

    Cool, I didn't know.

  7. Is this really serious? 111111111 kr in postage sounds a bit expensive. :)

  8. Hello Magnus,

    I'd say none of the bidders would even be able to afford the postage!!! Haha.

  9. We pay rotten amounts for stuff because we've all lost the plot.

    But maybe we never had the plot in the first place.

    That makes it right.

    Bid on!


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