Monday, October 26, 2009

Dark Hong Kong: BLOOD SORCERY (1986)


Ahh, yet another dark & nasty Hong Kong horror flick that'll be coming my way soon (I need to pay for it first, LOL). BLOOD SORCERY! This is one I've actually never seen so I have no idea of how good or bad it is. But, uh, I had to have it. I've been after it for a while (you might remember I ordered the TaiSeng version directly from the company a little while ago but it turned out they had tons of VHS titles listed on their site that they didn't actually have anymore!). It's directed by Do Gong-Yue who also did THE DEVIL SORCERY from 1988 which is out on DVD and which I quite like.


  1. How much did you it cost you?

    I almost went for this one after not getting the CROCODILE EVIL VHS. But I guess not!!!



    This is run by a friend of mine,You can find lots of screenshots here from "dark and nasty" type of HK movies.

  3. There was a video store near me that specialized in HK movies, mostly bootleg Shaw Brothers tapes. It was just outside of an urban development and the lady that ran the store said the kung fu and other Asian tapes out-rented the new releases! I remember standing in the store talking with other fans about KID WITH THE GOLDEN ARM and FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS.

    They had this BLOOD SORCERY and another one from Ocean Shores entitled BRUTAL SORCERY which you posted about some time back, Jack. This particular video store had stacks of Ocean Shores tapes. A shame it's no longer around now.

  4. It was $85 and no postage fee cos I won four other tapes the same evening at one of his auctions.

    Cool, Andras, I'll check that out.

    That's just too bad, Brian. But it sounds like a cool clientele who rented more Asian stuff than new crap. At my local Blockbuster I often buy "ex-rental" dvd's of Asian film that have NEVER been rented out cos people just don't want them!


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