Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dark Hong Kong: CROCODILE EVIL (1985)

Check out this wild clip from the Hong Kong horror movie CROCODILE EVIL. Another horror movie you can't watch. LOL. It's out on a long (very long) gone VHS from Ocean Shores.

UPDATE (October 25, 09): Patrick (of Bearded man blog) found this great Thai poster for CROCODILE EVIL. Gee, should I buy it? Looks too awesome not to but, uhh, all that money. Boo-hoo, lack of money in these situations is enough to make a grown man cry like a wee Japanese school girl. :(

[click scan for bigger size]


  1. Then why don't you buy it?

    Onar Bill has it for sale but he expects TONS of money for it.


    I'd love to buy it but I'm not even gonna make a bid for it. :(
    Why don't you buy it and make me a dvdr? :D :D :D

  2. I think my friend in NY has this. I hope so as I had read about some years back. Looks awesome!

    BTW, Jack. Have you seen this Asian horror flick from Lu Chin Ku called THE MAGIC CURSE? I think there's a French DVD for it, but I'm not sure about English subs or dub. I've been curious to find this one.

  3. After having watched that short YouTube clip I'd love to watch CROCODILE EVIL myself. Has your friend got an original? If you get it why don't we make a swap; I'll get get you a copy of my MAGIC CURSE and you can get me a copy of CROC?

  4. Great! I'll call and see if he has it. If he doesn't have it, we have another friend who seemingly has every Ocean Shores release there was. Hopefully something turns up!

  5. That sounds great. Thanks. But if you can't get it don't worry about it, I'll still get you the MAGIC dvdr, no worries.

  6. Much appreciated, but he has it Jack! John says he doesn't know if it's subbed or not, but will send it on to me when it's transferred. I'll keep you posted!