Monday, October 12, 2009

The greatest zombie movie, like, ever!!!

Woo-hoo, I'm finally getting a proper DVD release of Lucio Fulci & Bruno Mattei's ZOMBI 3!!! A version which is 100% taken from a film print mind you! NOT partly sourced from a video tape like the AWE and Media Blasters DVD's!!! Ahhh, life is good. Life is beautiful (where the hell did I put my coffee!? Haha).
The Japanese DVD is letterboxed and uncut (and yes it does contain the opening scene which is cut from the UK Vipco DVD). I can finally put the ol' Bahrain video to rest. xD

PS: Don't get distracted by the "2" on the Japanese cover. Obviously I can't read Japanese but maybe they did what they also did in the UK and renamed it ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 2.

PS.PS: Yes, the headline is a gross exaggeration, LOL.

Now watch the trailer:

Thanks, Miltos!!!

NB: I wrote more about the AWE release of ZOMBI 3 here but it's all in Greek. xD


  1. This is great news, Jack. I love this film, too.

    So the Japanese DVD is uncut and from the print or neg?

    What was cut from previous versions?

    I'm heading out to order this now myself. It's available from cdjapan or, right?

    Trailer is fantastic.

  2. Let us know the quality of this release! I love this movie too. In fact, I can feel a Haloween screening of this classick coming on ...

  3. Mark, sorry I don't know the finer details. A couple of people who have watched this release have informed me it's from a real print (i.e. not video) but if that means an actual print or negative I don't know.

    And unfortunately I must disappoint you; this is not a new release but an OOP dvd that I've been looking for for a long time. And it's non anamorphic.

    The US Media Blasters DVD is uncut but the print they used was a cut 35mm print where they spliced the cut gore scenes back into it. And the reinserted scenes are from video. Also, the entire opening scene was missing from the 35mm print and this is also taken from video. I have all this info from and members of two fora who have compared the DVDs.

    I have never watched neither the Media Blasters DVD nor the Another World Entertainment DVD as I already have a VHS (the legendary Bahrain tape, LOL) and didn't wanna buy a DVD that was partly sourced from VHS. The UK DVD is apparently of a much better quality than the US one but it's missing the entire opening scene. If you go looking for it on Japanese Amazon or elsewhere make sure you get the release from Mag Net/MBE ("Lucio Fulci Collection") as there's also another one from a company called Creative Axa which is bastard fullscreen. :/

    Jared; Sure, I'll let you know.

  4. Thanks for that info, Jack. Damn!

    I'll still seek it out.

    Who knows what I'll find?

  5. Jack, on an unrelated matter (since I don't have an email), what is a good on-line seller for those Kim di-Duk DVD's. The site you linked to didn't have a purchasing interface (as far as I can see).

  6. No, they don't have a web-shop at AWE. One of the people behind the company also runs an unrelated shop called and he used to sell everything they put out from AWE. But I've just checked and the Ki-duk box isn't listed there. I also checked a couple of other stores and they didn't have it either. I've written to the (other) AWE guy and asked if it's OOP or what's going on. I'll let you know.

    PS: How about the email address you sent me a couple of months ago is that deleted?

  7. My email is fine. I meant I didn't have your email address.

    Thanks for letting me know the status of these box sets. Would love an update if you get one from your friend.



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