Saturday, November 14, 2009

A boring night at the office.

I know, I know, you're gonna wanna hang out with me cos I'm now the owner of these two AWESOME and mega rare tapes but, sorry no can do, you're on your own buddy. Haha.

Here's the mega über rare ntsc vhs release of THE WARRIOR AND THE NINJA on the "All American" label!!!

(click scan for proper size)

Ahhhh, finally coming home to daddy!!! The über mega overly rare release of THE RAPE AFTER on vhs from Hong Kong. In contradiction to the NOT SO RARE Japanese vhs this is subtitled in English. From someone unknown to Pete in Holland to Lars in Sweden and via Scott in Australia and, now, finally, on its way to yours truly!!! Now, gimme a WOO-WOO! xD xD xD


  1. Now wash my shoes and get me some coffee. xD

  2. Thanks for the mention eariler! I've wanted to see THE RAPE AFTER for years!

  3. Hey Jayson,
    Too bad you didn't mention it earlier, I could have directed you towards a friend of mine who had the Japanese tape for sale on Cinehound tonight for the whooping price of 7 euro. Unfortunately, it's gone by now.

  4. "Jack J was a famous blogger. He was also a fanatic for curios and pretty women. So great was his desire to collect curios, on one occasion he succumbed to temptation and bought RAPE AFTER. This was no orinary vhs but the ash of a dead newborn baby had been stored within it but not known to Jack J..."

  5. Thanks, I'll use that for my tomb stone. xD

    NB: Oh I knew about the ash of the newborn baby but I wasn't letting something petty as that keep me from buying THE RAPE AFTER. Muhahahaha.

  6. Hey, Jack. My friend in NY has both of these, too. I'd seen them among hundreds of other tapes on shelves or stashed away in boxes.

    He recommended RAPE AFTER to me on more than one occasion. I hear it's pretty intense. How is WARRIOR & THE NINJA? My friend wasn't too hot on that one, though.

  7. I think the thing is that often many fans of HK films are gung-ho kung fu film fans who tend to judge other HK films from their martial arts film background. And I guess that's fair enough but (and I know this will come as a tremendious shock to you, haha) I was never a fullblown kung fu film affectionado (it's not that I don't like them, I can't judge them cos I've just never seen very many). My interest lies in the modern day and adventure films of the 80s, and the dark horror movies. And altho WARRIOR AND THE NINJA obviously isn't from HK I suspect your friend may judge it from a kung fu fan point of view (or maybe he really just doesn't like it!). Personally, I'm a fan of wild Indonesian films and I thought it was pretty good. Not the best in the series but considering the awesomeness of the first film, THE WARRIOR, less will do fine. :o)
    If he has that US tape he's sitting on yet another very rare release. A US based collector who collects the All American tapes mentioned on Cinehound that he had never even seen the tape.

  8. He also has the tape of the WARRIOR & THE BLIND SWORDSMAN as well as a bunch of Indonesian VCD movies including some of Billy Chong and one of them has Chen Kuan Tai in it. Don't know the name as it's all in Indonesian.

  9. Pete got it from me back then... ;-)


  10. How come I'm not surprised! LOL.

    Did you get it from that local video shop guy we saw on Dutch TV? xD

  11. From an advertisement about 5 years ago, a lady who had quite a few of these OCEAN SHORES tapes...

    Picked up your PRECISION "The Beasts" (at last)!!! ;-)


  12. Argh! Really?! That's fantastic. Ehh, now we just need to figure out some kind of dead, LOL.


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