Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Woo-hoo!! I've finally secured getting the third and last of Hugh Gallagher's underground gore trilogy from the early 90s!! The film is GOROTICA (1993) which I've been trying to find for ages! For some reason the only film from the series which gets listed on eBay is GORE WHORE (1994), however, a couple of days ago I noticed that no less than four different sellers had it on I tried to place an order with every one them but they all had it listed for purchase in the US only! :/ So I wrote to the first one and asked if he would sell it to me directly. He said no. I asked the second one. He said no. Then today I got word from the third one and fortunately he said yes. Luckily I didn't have to try the last one as his tape was 20 dollars more expensive then the first two. The one I ended up buying was $5 more expensive than the first two but I can certainly live with that. Great stuff indeed!!! Read my review of GORE WHORE here. The first film in the series is GOREGASM from 1990.

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