Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blood's A Rover (2009)

Lissen hepcats, I read old crime litterateur. You know, from the days of pulp mags and cheap pocket books, that kinda shit. Not much new stuff holds my interest really. Why would I wanna read about Swedish policemen with dandruff, ex-wives, and grown up women's lib daughters? Or even worse, why would I wanna read femi-crime books? Fuck no! I want stuff from the hardboiled days of yesteryear, when a main character wasn't a cop cos most likely he'd gotten hisself booted off the force for drinking, or being a nuisance, or simply too much of a renegade loner, or being a renegade loner and a pain in the ass nuisance. I want my private dicks to know what to do with women and stiffs, and... well, uh, rambling again. What's this leading up to you're wondering; Well, one of the few present day writers I do read is that cocksucker James Ellroy. If you only read one present day writer (or just one writer in total!), he's the one you should DEVOUR!

I just discovered this very recent YouToobe spot he's done for his new book, Blood's A Rover. Check it out, cabron!

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