Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deep Blood (1989)

[I think this is a cardboard cover version]

[this is the ordinary keep case version I received. The other cover looks cooler though!]

I watched Joe D'Amato's JAWS ripoff DEEP BLOOD (original title: Sangue Negli Abissi, Czech title: Bestie Z Hlubin) yesterday and I must say it's not the world's goriest nor most scary shark movie, haha. However, it was alright. If you want lots of shark attack scenes then, well then you'll get mighty disappointed as there's a lot of stuff going on land but less (much less) happening on the sea. Someone mentioned that the film almost has a plot! (in some grotesque Bizarro World version of the Batman 1960s TV show an enthusiastic narrator utters frantically WHAT IS THIS?? ... A PLOT?? IN AN ITALIAN JAWS RIPOFF??? CAN IT REALLY BE?????? Haha.

The DVD I watched is from the Czech Republic and apparently it's the only DVD relase there is. It's fullscreen but even so the picture looks alright. The DVD is released by the Ritka Video label which also was the first company to put out Bruno Mattei's last two zombie movies, ZOMBIE ISLAND & ZOMBIE: THE BEGINNING, anywhere in the world! They've also put out Franco E. Prosperi's WILD BEASTS, unfortunately only with Czech and French dubbing. Recently I was lucky and got hold of the English dubbed NTSC tape in good condition. I got the Czech DVDs from this store (they don't take PayPal, only banktransfer).

Unfortunately I couldn't find a trailer for DEEP BLOOD on YouTube so instead here's the trailer for Bruno Mattei's CRUEL JAWS which uses scenes stolen from DEEP BLOOD anyway, LOL (and from The Last Shark, Jaws, and Jaws 2!!!).


  1. I was so disapointed by this one. I thought it really, really sucked. No laughs, no scares, no nothing. CRUEL JAWS is waaaaaay better.

  2. I tried to write something positive about it, me having ordered it all the way from the Czech Republic and it being the only English friendly DVD and all, but yes you're right. It's not very good as a JAWS ripoff film. Boo-hoo. It was kinda cosy to watch tho. But I guess that's not really the purpose of a shark attack movie. xD


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