Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cool ZOMBIE flick trailer on Saturday xD

About the trailer:
(from the YouTube uploader DarkAngel1182)

This is the extremely rare ORIGINAL full length 1978 UK theatrical trailer to George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead", which was released under the title "Zombies : Dawn of the Dead" when it first played UK theatres.

This trailer is longer than the ones found on the current box set from Anchor Bay and was taken from an old trailer tape I picked up from a video fair a few years ago. NO idea where they got it from.


  1. neat trailer ;D always fun to see.
    btw en lejemorder ser tilbage sounds a lot more like danish than greek.

  2. Well, our friend the Falex dictionary says about "Greek":

    Informal: Something that is unintelligible

    - and thus since most of my readers are from non Danish speaking countries to them the title is Greek. xD

    And yes that is a cool trailer and apparently this long version isn't even on the DVD. :o)