Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Crazies remake

I went to a big indoor second hand market in Melbourne around... well, early 1990s anyway, and some guy was selling all his video tapes. I had a look and picked one; Romero's original THE CRAZIES (aka Code Name Trixie). I asked the guy why he was selling his cool tapes to which he replied that he and his brother had way too many tapes, they simply haaad to get rid of some of them. "We have a big bookshelf with tapes like that one at home " he said and pointed to a bookshelf that was about half the size of any of my bookshelves, haha. Oh well, I got THE CRAZIES and I still have that ol'e Aussie tape in perfect condition. I always liked the film, it's not Romero's best but I definitely like it more than what many other fans do. So is this remake gonna be a bastard from Hell? No idea but in contradiction to quite a few of my fellow posters on Dvdmaniacs I quite like the trailer. So should you. xD


  1. Yeah! I've always had a soft spot for the original Crazies too. There's something profoundly dark in that movie that I feel some the zombie flicks are lacking. I have mixed feelings about he redux. it could be great or could suck big time...

  2. Yeah, but even if it were to suck it would bring attention to the original film and new fans would probably check it out. As it is the film is almost forgotten.