Saturday, February 13, 2010

GOLDEN BOY out now from ONAR Films!

Last month our good friend down south, Bill Barounis, released yet another psychotronic cult movie from yesteryear's Turkey. The film is GOLDEN BOY (aka Altin Cocuk), a spiffy James Bond clone if there ever was one. I've got a copy of it but until I get off my ass and do a proper review you can do much worse than read Jared's brand new review on his Worldweird Cinema blog here. And do be a hipster and scoop it up right away from Onar's eBay store. Turkish psychotronica is awesome and more people (i.e. YOU!) need to know about it!!


  1. Thanks for the plug. For Onar AND Worldweird.

  2. S'alright. You can get me a brew at the annual meeting in Athens. xD

  3. Gee-suss, I only wish we had an annual meeting in Athens!