Friday, February 5, 2010

"Made in Hong Kong" label mess!!!

Arr, for fuck's sake!

If you've been with me for a while you'll know that I'm trying to make a complete list of releases from the old UK video label MADE IN HONG KONG, complete with index numbers, language info, cut versions, etc (otherwise read about it here). However, it just got more complicated!!

I've just got hold of this UK VHS release of the excellent (and sad) film ROUGE. The reason I bought it was to get the film in its original format; the new(ish) DVD from IVL has had its top and bottom cut off for some reason. I guess to make it look even more "letterboxed" than its original widescreen format. Go figure.

The old DVD releases are presented in the film's original format (at least that's what I've read) but unfortunately I haven't been able to find any of those anywhere. So I settled for a VHS which was released by a company called BlueLight but to my big surprise it turns out this video release is exactly identical to any of the Made in Hong Kong tapes!!

Everything down to type of font, the way to write index number and all. And also the inside of the cover has info by Bey Logan and there's a list of the tapes that were currently available from MIHK at the time. Also, ROUGE is listed as being a MIHK release. But it wasn't! So I guess the people behind the MIHK company set up another line as well and for some reason included ROUGE in this and not in the Hong Kong series which is odd to say the least!

On the tape there are trailers for some of the other BlueLight releases and they're non-Asian films. So it seems the MIHK guys wanted a kind of "world film" series as well. Cool enough but this just means there's gonna be more titles to track down and I have no idea where to begin. Try looking for "Blue Light" via Google search!

I've been trying to get help from members of Cinehound and Asian Dvd Guide but not a whole lot of people have been able to help as they either don't collect sell-thru crap (haha) or don't collect video tapes at all. So obviously I'm not too hopeful in regards to someone turning up with a complete list or anything but if any of you have any tapes from this line and can provide title(s) + index number then that would be just smashing! Cheers.

Btw, the index # for the ROUGE tape is BL15.


  1. The ROUGE vhs was released in the UK by ICA. I still have it (also got the Deltamac dvd). Maybe your UK tape is a bootleg?

  2. Posted its cover on Cinehound, check it out.

  3. Ever heard of different companies releasing the same film in the same territory at different times? Haha.

    Trust me, it's a legit release! The people behind BlueLight were the same people who released the MIHK tapes. It was submitted to the BBFC (you can look it up on their page) and granted a certificate.

    The film was actually ALSO released by a third company, Manga Entertainment. The ICA tape is from 1989. The BlueLight tape came out 10 years later. The Manga Entertainment tape is from 1994. Thanks for your info and I'll check your Cinehound post.

  4. look deep into my eyes and repeat "i want andras' rouge tape and i am willing to pay BIG bucks for it"

  5. Haha, nööö thanks!

    That guy Fiol on Cinehound keeps bugging everyone to buy his HK VHS of the film (probably fullscreen + no subs, lol) but no thanks. This one is enough (and I also have the remastered crap DVD).

    Uh, btw, have you still got that Underground Banker tape that you posted about on Cinehound?

  6. Still got it. Did a copy ever turn up on E-bay?

  7. If it did I've never seen it.

    Soh, you still got it? How about I send you 20 bucks and you send me your tape? No one's gonna want that old HK flick anyway. xD

  8. Put up some pics of HK-tapes on my site (click on title), I didn't bother with MIHK cause I think their covers were mostly crap. I also had DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER but I think I gave it away to a friend of mine (I will try to get it back)

  9. I just checked them out. Very cool Andras (altho my Google translator probably makes your text somewhat more surreal than what it really is, LOL). I'm sure I have DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER on DVD somewhere.