Sunday, March 28, 2010

Awesome and truly fantastic old post revisited

You really ought to do yourself a huge favour and check out this old post. I'd say it's a super duper awesome old post! In fact I'd go as far as saying it's super duper awesome AND amazing!!! Check it out, you can thank me later. You know it's the right thing to do. Go here, bubeleh! xD.


  1. Mmm... Lorena Velazquez...

  2. They just don't make 'em like that anymore!!!

    I watched a program on skeletons... I mean actresses who work in Hollywood, and models and how thin they are. And how young teen girls and society find that attractive.

    I spit on that notion! Gimme someone shaped like Lorena Velazquez any day of the week over those cadavers. Skin and bones: NOT SEXY!!! Someone like Lorena ought to be a role model (would certainly make ME happy, woof woof), not fucken Christina Flockhart!!!

  3. Amen! (Except for the 'woof woof' part.)