Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black Sabbath - live, Paris, 1970 (complete broadcast)

The other day I posted a song from Black Sabbath's concert in Paris in 1970. I must admit I got quite impressed by the clip. As I wrote in my initial post (and also discussed this with "Magnus" in the comments' section) this original version of a very young Black Sabbath was way better than everything that came after. Well, in my book and to my liking anyway.

The Paris gig was actually released as a bootleg LP the very same year (1970) entitled Come to the Sabbath. I've done nothing to check this out but I could imagine this is one hell of a rare record these days. The recording has since been released (probably several times) on CD and is available for free here [no, I don't support sites who bootleg official releases but we're talking a bootleg here so the only people whose money you'll be "stealing" are the bootleggers' money].

After having posted the first clip the other day I made a YouTube search for uploads of the rest of the gig. The good thing is all the songs are there. The less cool thing is most of the tracks have been uploaded multiple times and often in crappy picture quality. Most of them are off multiple generation bootleg tapes. But lo and behold, I found one uploader in the UK who not only uploaded the full show (including intro sections with the band) but who actually taped the show off television when the gig was broadcast as a two part programme.

Now, obviously the recording isn't from 1970 as nobody had VCRs in those days but from a broadcast on tv in the UK sometime in the 1980s. And in addition to it being a 1'st generation copy it's also been uploaded in HD. I've already downloaded the entire thing and made a nice DVD-R of it. Yay!

You might notice one of the video clips go slightly out of sync halfway thru but stick with it anyway. There are other uploads that aren't out of sync but they look less good and not least importantly they SOUND no way nearly as good as this upload. So get to it, buddy; off to the show!
(PS: obviously I'm posting the videos in their correct order, beginning from the top)

Black Sabbath live at the Theatre Olympia in Paris, France, 20 December 1970.

EDIT: The original embedded video links were dead as the YouTube account was shut down. I found several new uploads that even cover the entire concert in one upload. This one is "even" presented in the original fullscreen format (at least one of the other complete uploads is in widescreen. Argh!) [April 2, 2013]


  1. Det glæder mig, at også hitmen nyder Black Sabbath.

    De er bare de største!

  2. Yeah, når man sidder der i bilen og venter kan det godt blive lidt kedeligt, hvis ikke man har noget ordentlig musik at lytte til. Og så er Black Sabbath specielt gode, når man skal overdøve larmen, idet man skyder. xD

  3. Så kender du vel denne her:

    "This Is The End My Friend, Satan's Coming Round The Bend ..."

  4. Teksten er hentet fra albummet Black Sabbath (1970).

    Ozzy himself har udtalt, at gruppen hentede inspiration i div. horrorfilm, at man ville overføre horror-universet til vinyl.

    Nogle af bandets tekster kan virke brutale og respektløse som f.eks: Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope, do you think he's a fool ( After Forever).