Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crazy Indonesia: Five Deadly Angels - clip

This awesome scene is from the rare Indo film FIVE DEADLY ANGELS. The film is originally entitled 5 Cewek Jagoan and there was even a sequel, DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK/Cewek Jagoan beraski Kembali (which I've watched on Malay VCD, it never came out in English). The film stars Debby Cynthia Dewi, Yati Octavia, Dana Christina and Lydia Kandou who are no strangers to fans of Indo cinema! Btw, this scene is missing from the German VHS.

Read Fred Adelman's cool review here.

VCD/Malaysia/fullscreen/Indonesian audio/no subs

Thanks to Peter aka Petcor80 of Cinehound for the DVD-R and for uploading this clip.

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