Friday, April 2, 2010

"Vintage Hardboiled Reads" is back!

Awesome! I mean, like, awesome!!! The Vintage Hardboiled Reads blog is back!! I'm sure you remember I spoke about it a few months back, well, last year that is. And how the blog author one day said "I'll be gone for a couple of weeks" and then never returned. Well, now, a full year later he's returned and has started to write reviews on them ol'e pulp novels once again. And not a single word of explanation, nor a reply to any of the many who posted a "welcome back" in the comments' section. Haha.

Actually, he's been back since January but altho I kept checking regularly last year I kinda gave up on him a while back. Anyhoo, good to see he's back. Arrogant or not. LOL.

For the blog go here.


  1. Thanks for the "Heads Up" on that Jack! I'm a big fan of those novels!

  2. You're welcome, Nick. I quite like them too. :D