Saturday, April 24, 2010

Screen grabs from the new HONG KONG GODFATHER dvd

Here's a bunch of screen grabs from the new spiffy release of HONG KONG GODFATHER that all fans of violent HK triad films have been impatiently waiting for! xD. The scans come courtesy of the two Ians; Ian Jane and Ian F of Dvdmaniacs.

The old bootleg. Cut and dubbed in Mandarin but until the new version the only way to watch the film.


  1. I just ordered it because of these screenshots :)

  2. Ahh. Good to know someone can use my crappy writings for inspiration. xD.

    I also posted some YouTube clips from the movie here somewhere. Check them out if you haven't already.

  3. I would have hope the naked women with Richard Harrison's head floating on them would be enough. :)

    LOL. I happy so many people are going to check this movie out, they're not going to be disappointed!

  4. Ian, I loved that you used Richards head in the screenshot. It's his destiny somehow, to be cut and paste puppet for others :)

  5. Thanks, it was actually partly based on my wife's idea as a way to inform people of the cuts, but not show any nudity on the website, and not just use the erase button on Microsoft Paint.