Thursday, April 22, 2010

"If you want wild women fast..."

About 18 months ago I discovered that the über cool Russ Meyer Collection box from the UK had been reduced to only £43 on Amazon UK. With an added fee for postage it all came to a "whooping" £45! That's only around $70 for 18 awesome Russ Meyer films! And on top of this we're not talking crappy public domain releases (a format that doesn't exist in the UK or Europe anyway) but proper DVD releases.

And in addition to being proper releases I'm also told they're way better than the reg. 1 releases. And they contains extras which the US discs don't. And the US discs are way way more expensive. So £45 seemed like a VERY good deal. And it was. But get this: I've just discovered that now you can get the same box for... £18!! That's 28 dollars (or 155 DKK). Arggh. If you have the slightest interest in cool psychotronic movies I strongly suggest you get hold of this ASAP!

John Waters once described Russ Meyers' film FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! as the best move ever made (basically it's about three über-cool/über-tough chicks who drive about somewhere in the mid-1960s and kick other peoples ass, or have sex with 'em, or kill 'em, or both! Basically have fun, listen to way cool music, and look mean! Whadda movie!That film alone is worth the $28 dollar price tag!!! In fact all Russ Meyers' four "Roughies" movies (Faster Pussycat, Lorna, Motorpsycho, and Mudhoney) are in the box. Get it here.

PS: Yes, they are PAL DVDs so if you're in the US you'll need to make sure your DVD player can play that format (or play them on your computer).

PS: The German title for FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! translates to The Satan Chicks from Titsville (Die Satansweiber von Tittfield). Haha.


  1. Jack!
    You do know that at the end of his days, Meyer was seriously ill with Alzheimer's and all alone but for a few friends and his maid/nurse/wife - who sold off most of his memorabilia and later brought in her "new" boyfriend who forced Russ to sign over the rights to all his work to the pair of them...

    They screwed the poor guy for everything he ever had, and each time anyone buys a Meyer movie it's money into their pocket tragically enough.

    And the irony obviously being that a woman screwed him over and nothing can be done as it's all "legally" correct paperwork.

    Sad fucking story but great fucking movies - depresses me every time I watch one of his movies, or buy one for that part too.

    Hope you enjoy that big Rack of DVD's mate.


  2. Hey Magnus,

    I knew the basics; that he had Alzheimer's and that a few people who didn't give a shit about his films took over.

    There's a thread about it on Dvdmaniacs and it was mentioned in that thread that the reason these films aren't being released in fantastic new versions on DVD is these people simply don't care to release them. That's why we have to settle with DVDs that are mastered from the old laserdisc masters.

    I'm sure you're right about their getting our money each time we buy one of his films but I would assume they get far less when you buy a UK DVD rather than a DVD directly from their American company.

    Also, as I mentioned in my post, these UK DVD are far better. Robin Bougie, editor of the awesome (and sadly one of the last) film fanzine "Cinema Sewer" said in a post on Dvdmaniacs: "After buying the UK boxset and comparing them to the US releases, I have a hard time figuring how anyone could claim the US discs are better with a straight face."

    But the way, I'm sure you're gonna find this interesting: The very same people who took over Meyer's films sent a threatening letter to Dvdmaniacs yesterday and demanded a number of the posters be banned and posts deleted!!!

    You can read the letter here and follow the reactions. Dvdmaniacs mainman Ian Jane sent them a letter today (also posted there).

    Go here:

  3. PS: Thanks, I do enjoy that box and I've actually had it for 18 months. My post is merely to make the rest of y'all aware it's out there and available at a price that's so cheap it's a crime not to get it. xD.

  4. I just read that thread... What dicks these guys are!
    If it's not the soreness of producing shitty copies then it must be the sting of their scam. Meyer's fans will buy as long as they are around, but we damned well deserve decent prints. I seem to recall that the Faster Pussycat disc even cuts out before the film is furkin' over...

    I put my opinions online a few years back and I will friggin' stand by it until there' a change...

  5. Thanks. I'll check your post. And here's a direct link: