Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's not a flying head... it's... huh...?!?!?!

Yesterday, one of my readers, Henry, asked me about a film clip from the Mondo Mababro special on Indian movies of what seems to be an insane Bollywood film (at least I think it's a Bollywood film) and I'm afraid to tell you the truth no I didn't know the film. Boo-hoo. Fortunately my almost-Danish Cinehound friend Jola from Germany, who is an expert on all things Indian, did a little digging and soon after came up with the right answer: The film is AMMORU (Telugu language, India 1995; Director: Kodi Ramakrishna). You can find it on IMDb here. Jola says it's entertaining but she also adds it's not his masterpiece. That would be this one: DEVI. Naturally I also had to bug Jola about the film's avability and to my surprise AMMORU is actually available not only on DVD but it even comes with English subs. She also says it comes with crappy picture quality but at least it's available and you can get it here. The price is Rs 375.00 which is about 9 dollars US before postage. I'm gonna get this when I get some dough that's for sure! xD.

Needless to say big thank-yous go out to Jola for her help!


  1. By all that is holy in the land of weird films!!! You found it!!! I love you both. What more can I say than thank you a million times + a million more. Now I can grab this and put my mind at ease.

    I promise from this day forth to leave more inane comments instead of just being a lurker. And who knows maybe one day I can repay the lack of memory.

  2. That's alright, don't worry about it. I'm just happy to be able to help you out.

    But one day I might ask a favour of you. Maybe not today or tomorrow or even next month. But at some stage, years from now, I'll come to you and ask you to return the favour. Maybe I'll have a big garbage bag that I'll want you to get rid of for me. Or it may be a big carpet that I'll ask you not to roll out. Capisce.


  3. Yeah! Know knows. Maybe there's a whole genre of "stretchy -head-guy" films in India to be discovered!! LOL.