Thursday, May 20, 2010

THE GAME OF DEATH (Philippines, 1974) on ultra limited DVD

aka GAMES OF DEATH (South Africa)

Jun Gallardo's RARE Filipino kung fu film THE GAME OF DEATH from 1974 (starring Ramon Zamora, "Philippines' Bruce Lee") has never been released to home-cinema before so it's pretty exciting that Global in South Africa are putting it out on DVD soon! And if you're into Filipino films I suggest you order a copy right away, the print run is ridiculously low. 82 copies to be exact!!! And yes, among Global's received orders are orders from people with such names as J. Jensen and A. Leavold. LOL.

At the same time as releasing THE GAME OF DEATH Global are also going to release MARTIAL MATES and SUPERGIRL OF KUNG FU. However, in contraction to THE GAME OF DEATH those two sound terrible dubbing wise (if you ask me anyway) as they're dubbed into typical old-skool kung fu film English (the global guy has posted clips on YouTube from those two as well). I'm not sure if GAME was actually shot in English but it certainly sounds much more natural.

By the way, this GAME OF DEATH is not to be confused with the Bruce Lee film of the same title, obviously. The Filipino film was actually made a full 4 yrs before the Robert Clouse film.


  1. LOL. Actually, I've been posting about upcoming Global releases several times for a few weeks now. Check one of the old Global updates as there's also another upcoming Ramon Zamora DVD on its way (I forget the title).

    Go to this thread:

    Naushad Mohamed (Global) doesn't have a website (altho the releases ARE legit. Check Jesus Manuel's blog for scans of 13 IFD films he just bought). So you have to write to him thru the email address posted at the beginning of the thread. And read the thread for info on the discs.

    Also, if you for some reason would like his dvcam of the film he is selling it here:

    The IFD DVDs:

  2. You can find my old Global posts here: