Saturday, May 15, 2010

MS .45 available again on uncut DVD

In 2008 Abel Ferrera's nasty (and great)MS.45 (aka Angel of Vengeance) from 1981 came out on a French DVD, a release that for the first time ever (and so far only time) was fully uncut. That DVD is now OOP but I've just noticed that the label has now re-released it (with a slightly different cover). The re-release came out in March of this year so there ought to be plenty left for y'all. If you wanna search for it on eStores the French title is L'ange de la vengeance.

Both the new disc and the old one are available from Amazon France but unless you're at war with your money I'd suggest you get the new one as it retails for a mere 7 Euros. The old one is around €30!

NB: And yes the DVD carries the English audio track.


1'st release

Rare Zoë Tamerlis interview here.

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