Friday, May 21, 2010

Savage Streets from AWE in June!

I've just noticed AWE are going to release the restored version of SAVAGE STREETS in June! The reg. 1 DVD from BCI (aka the old Brentwood label) came and went and has been OOP for quite a while now. On Amazon new copies are around 110 dollars at the moment!!! Great news indeed!!! And FOR ONCE it seems AWE are actually giving us a bit of extra stuff: I did a 7 sec. comparison and I believe all the extras from the reg. 1 disc are included!


  1. Good news for fans who missed out on the R1. Bad news for the street value of my copy of the R1! Guess I gotta take one for the team!

  2. Where can this be purchased from? The Another World site isn't helping with the non-english language side of things

  3. Hey Matthew,

    You can get it from... Denmark. Their page is in English and they ship overseas. If you're outside of the EU you'll get 25% Vat knocked off the price.