Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gamera vs. Barugon on DVD in July

Ahh, sweet!

Info from Fangoria:
Following up its recent release of GAMERA, THE GIANT MONSTER, Shout! issues BARUGON July 6. The first color film in this kaiju series, it pits Gamera against a humongous, lizardlike beast that can emit a freezing spray from its elongated tongue and project a deadly rainbow ray from its back. In addition to a widescreen transfer from an all-new HD master, the disc will include:

• Audio commentry by J-monster experts August Ragone and Jason Varney
• Publicity galleries
• Booklet with an essay by actor Kojiro Hongo
• Reversible cover

Thanks to the old "Oriental Cinema" fanzine writer August Ragone and other posters on Dvdmaniacs for the heads-up.


  1. Don't have many of these films on tape or on dvd.I might stop buying hollywood films and concentrate on asian movies from now on.I've got the mysterians on vhs and some godzilla movies taped off tv.Sbs use to show some of these movies in Japanese with English subs.

  2. Gamera vs Barugon is one of the best Gameras and the only one without an annoying little kid! I already have the japanese dvds, but I need to doubledip. :)

  3. thanks for the tips Jocke.I like the one that takes place at the 1970 World Expo.Can't remember what that one was called.I think that one had a few annoying kids in it.

  4. I actually got a friend to tape the first Godzilla film for me from SBS in '96, and this was long before it had even come out on VHS. This was the fully uncut and subtitled version that wasn't released ANYWHERE. I don't remember how many VHS dupes I made of that tape but it was quite a few!! It turned up on many a tape-traders swap list. LOL.

  5. Only got the regular english versions of some of those godzilla movies.yes sbs was a goldmine for subbed foreign cult films.I should've recorded a lot more from their broadcasts.I've got some turkish films off sbs with subtitles but they're mostly dramas but one is a so-called anatolian western starring turkan soray.I think onar bill sold a greek tape of this film for about 60 dollars earlier this year.

  6. Dramas? Hmm, yeah now you're mentioning it; I never did see TURKISH STRAW DOGS on SBS. LOL.

  7. I can't wait for this flick!!

  8. Hey, Jack, it's me, Shawn, didn't know you had a blog. Very cool. Just thought I'd leave a comment and give my support. And that GAMERA VS. BARUGON, for me, anyway, is his best of all the old ones. Already ordered it from DVD Pacific.

    Keep on truckin.'

    And, you Avatar, like your header, still gives me the creeps. Stop making those snuff flicks, man! :)

  9. How did you even find this blog!! My link on Dvdmaniacs is for my OTHER blog! Haha (I do a Filipino film blog as well). But anyhoo, nice to see ya Shawn and thanks! I actually checked out your very own blog yesterday. :D

    I look forward to the GAMERA films as well. I'm by no means an expert on Japanese monsters altho I have maybe around 10-15 on tape. I got my first one in 1996 when a friend taped the fully uncut & subbed original GODZILLA off ethnic television in OZ. Hmm, no, wait, actually I watched my first Japanese monster movie when I went to a double bill of RODAN/SUPER INFRAMAN at the cinema the previous year. xD.

  10. PS: if my avatar and header give you the creeps then my work is done. LMAO. The header is from an amateur zombie flick I was in (for 3 minutes).

  11. I just read your bio. Very interesting. That b12 deficiency sounds like it sucks. My only helath problem at the moment are these damn heart palpitations I have been having since February. A couple of days ago, the doctor ptu me on a 24-heart monitor, won't have the results until Monday, So far, they can't find a cause. At the moment, I'm thinking it's high blood pressure.

    I don't care what you say, that avatar reminds me of a scene from a snuff flick. Can't figure it out, it just does. Weird, hey? :)

  12. Thanks. I tend to find blogs where you don't get to know anything about the writer rather faceless and thus boring. Informative maybe, but ultimately boring.

    The B12 thingy is mostly a pain as I have to go in for injections every once in a while but other than that it's alright for the time being. Sorry to hear about your palpitations. If you're an overly sensitive or nervous person that could be the cause. I hope the doctors are gonna be able to help you.

    Oh, you meant the paperbag pic. I thought you meant the other one; Yeah, well, I'll let you in on a secret: You're right It IS actually from a snuff film I did in South America. But please keep that between you and me.


  13. 'Don't have many of these films on tape or on dvd.I might stop buying hollywood films and concentrate on asian movies from now on.'
    Anonymous:I'd highly recommend the 3 film Toho boxsets; I've got the one with THE H-MAN (I saw it in a theatre when I was 10-- a great nuclear noir), BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE, MOTHRA; they come with american and jap versions + commentary and are only about$18. I wanna get the other box with THE MYSTERIANS , which I saw at the drive-in when I was 8. do they still have drive-ins where you live?

  14. sorry dude but it looks like the message i sent yesterday didn't stick.This about the tenth time it's happened.I think there might be a drive in operation but they use to be very popular here after WW2 up to the early 80s.I've never been to one as I use to and still live near a cinema.Ive seen a lot of those japanese monster and sci-fi movies on the telly but only have a few in my film collection.The Manster is another one that I have on a VHS tape.Thanks for the tip-off on the Toho studios box set collections.I remember that I've got a couple of Starman dvds on something wierd cideo.Just in case you don't know ,Starman is like a japanese movie serial version of superman.I think it's from the early 1960s.

  15. 'I've never been to one (drive-in) as I use to and still live near a cinema.'

    we had one in my home town until about '71-- they were great. there are still about 400 in the US. I still remember our family seeing THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS at a drive-in and my father yelling at my mother: "how can you take your children to see a film like this!"
    --obviously, because she had good taste.

    'The Manster'
    I use to have this on VCD - cool film.

    'Thanks for the tip-off on the Toho studios box set collections.'
    you're welcome. I've still got to get the 2nd with THE MYSTERIANS. I think the boxes are on sony--anyway readily available from Amazon.

    'I remember that I've got a couple of Starman dvds'
    Starman was fun and directed by Teruo Ishii who went on to make JOY OF TORTURE and Horrors of Malformed Men, etc.