Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elvis doing "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

This is a great laid back rendition of the old Johnny Cash track "Ghost Riders in the Sky" but I can't decide whether I think the video is fake or not! o_O The track is by the King, and the footage is of Elvis but is it spliced together using footage where Elvis did other tracks or is he really singing "Ghost Riders"??? You hardly see his lips follow the lyrics. Hmm.


  1. Welcome back Jack!

    I can't post comments on your Philippines blog (stupid Firefox), but I recently picked up a tape on eBay. It's the Greek VHS of Jobic Wong's "Jungle Heat" (1985), ever see it? I hear it's nuts.

    Also I have Commander on Japanese VHS I picked up a while ago, here's some thoughts with a scan of the cover:

    Glad to see back in the land of the living!

  2. Thanks. It's nice to be back. I even have an extra new blog now, haha.

    It may not be Firefox' fault but if you tried to leave a comment to my most recent post on the other blog the reason is I disabled the comments function (cos I was away).

    And in regards to "Jungle Heat": YES, I've definitely heard of it, in fact I have several posts on my Filipino blog. And YES it's a nuts film!!!

    It's in fact a Taiwan film originally released as "Last Breath" and directed by Lee Ho. The international version (credited to Jobic Wong) is as you say entitled "Jungle Heat". It has extra scenes with Gwilo actors but fortunately this isn't a case of a cut & splice version, but simply two different versions made for the Chinese and the international markets.

    If you like the film try and find the Japanese tape which is fully letterboxed. There's a clip on my blog (posted on YouTube by Knetan of "So good reviews com") and you can check the lbx version. The original "Last Breath" film also has an entirely different beginning and is available on a HK vhs (released in the US on NTSC, I assume there's also a HK pal tape but I've never actually seen it).

    However, it's very rare - I don't even have it myself but only have a bootleg from FLK. The HK tape is half lbx and in Chinese with English subs. Both versions of the film are great and very gory!

    My posts of the other blog:


  3. And congrats with that "Commander" tape. I lost out on it a li'l while back (maybe it was you who got it, LOL) but at least I have the Greek fullscreen tape.