Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Godfather Of Gore - documentary (2010)


  1. Nah . I dunno... I never realy liked the HGL movies as I found them too campy. BUt then again Dave Friedman ws the one I thought was the genious... Perhaps I need to send you a copy of a show that I made that Never aired, but was a half our special on Dave Freidman...


    But I'll obviously watch the GoG documentary as it's part of the genre!

  2. Please do. I'd love to see your programme! (bummer to make a show and it doesn't air, ay).

    I bought my first H.G. Lewis movie on bootleg tape in Melbourne in the early 90s and I quite like him. Too campy? Chocolate milk coming out one nipple and milk the other; too campy? Naahhh. xD