Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Un Condé (Yves Boisset, France/Italy, 1970)


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I watched UN CONDÉ tonight. The film was released on Danish rental VHS as Hævn Uden Nåde [Revenge Without Mercy] but the tape is uber rare and the cover scan here is unfortunately not mine. :-(

UN CONDÉ is a French/Italian cop movie from 1970, directed by Yves Boisset and I'm afraid I don't know much about French crime flicks. I've seen a few of the Italian polizisco films which draw heavily on the Dirty Harry inspiration. Obviously, I have no idea if their French counterparts do the same but UN CONDÉ certainly plays along the same lines as the Dirty Harry series with one lone cop (Michel Bouquet) set out to clean up the underworld using methods that aren't quite by the book. Let me say this right away: Hævn Uden Nåde is very good and if this is an indicator of the level these French "polizisco" movies are on then... keep 'em coming I say!!

Unfortunately, as with quite a few of the Italian films UN CONDÉ isn't released in an English friendly version. These screen grabs are from a bootleg DVD I bought on eBay. I'm aware there's a DVD out in France and I suspect this fan subbed DVD is off that DVD. Kudos goes to the fan subber who's done a fine job with the English subtitles (no kudos goes to the guy who made the crappy bootleg cover!). UN CONDÉ is definitely highly recommended.

Thanks to Diabolik for the Danish cover. And yes, that's the one he presented on Danish TV!

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