Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ENDGAME coming to German DVD - uncut mind you!

Yes, it's true!!! I've just been informed that Joe D'Amato's legendary, violent post-apocalypse flick ENDGAME (aka Endgame: Bronx Lotta Finale) is finally going to be released on legit DVD in Germany. I have no info on the label nor whether it'll be a splice job (using old, missing gore scenes from VHS releases) as we've seen before with some of these films. I hope not but it any case it's brilliant news. Obviously I already own the uncut Danish VHS but still. xD xD xD

Screen grabs from the new DVD:


  1. One of my favorites!! Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to need this DVD!

  2. I dont trust the germans. Their supposedly uncut dvd of 2020 texas gladiators (which even had a big UNCUT sign on the cover) was cut.