Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Most awesommest cool trailer on a Tuesday

I rewatched the original version of THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS from the 50s. I've seen it numerous times thru out the years but it's been at least five years since my last visit. When I watched the film the very first time I don't think I got the symbolism at all but even so it's a great sci-fi horror flick. There's footage filmed especially for the trailer. They often did that in the old days and they don't anymore (cos trailers suck these days, well, sometimes. LOL). The copy I watched is an old Danish ex-rental tape which I bought from Henrik Larsen (even tho I've got a spiffy DVD release as well). He's the only person I've ever met who had a copy of tape and it took me 6-7 years to convince him to sell to me. :D It's got an awesome cover (in kitschy colours). Well, I think so anyway. Henrik thought it was lame. LOL.
After the film there's a few old "Ozploitation" trailers on the tape.


  1. A very nice film indeed ! I've probably seen it at least ten times. Nowadays, I much prefer watching the 70s remake which I saw in the cinema when it first came out.Same goes for the Thing, I've seen the original many times but prefer watching the John Carpenter version.

    Joe (with the new URL)lol...

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  3. Why, thank you for saying so. You don't realise how happy that makes me. Gee, this is getting very Ozzie-like, aye. The first person to leave a comment is in Sydney, and me I used to live in Melbourne, and YOU you're leaving your li'l advertising for a trailer store in Melbourne. Haha. Usually, I'd delete you but you're in Melbourne so for ol'e times sakes I'll let your post stay. Even if your post is badly written and you don't follow standard writing proceedings (for fuck's sake, put a space between full stop and the next letter!!!). But then again, I went to your website and it shows an equal disregard for ordinary writing rules so I guess you've made it your style (for fuck's sake, you left out the possessive apostrophe in your company's NAME in the LOGO!!!). HAHAHA.