Monday, October 11, 2010

Crazy Indonesia: "From fighting in the streets to fighting in the sheets"

Trailer for the Indonesian colonial war movie DAREDEVIL COMMANDOS (1985) starring Barry Prima, from Rapi Films.

The cover scans are both Danish. The cover text reads: "An exiting 5 star action movie from the inhumane war hell of the jungle", haha. Five star film!? o_O


  1. Jack, sorry to get off-topic, but are you aware of the US DVD of Phantom Raiders (1988)?

  2. No, I wasn't aware there was a US DVD. The version I have is this Japanese VHS:

    I'll check it out. It's not a VideoAsia release is it? :D

  3. Nah, it's from a fly-by-nighter named Digiview Entertainment. The transfer is from what looks like a video master, not a VHS rip. Kinda dark and the image "flutters" quite a bit in the first reel, but it looks pretty good otherwise.

    Screenshots and cover:

  4. Well, if nothing else it's bound to smoke those VideoAsia "releases". :D
    Thanks for the scans. I'll mention the disk on my other blog. Btw, what's that "Draculas" DVD you've got in the pic of the cover? A bootleg? What's the movie? :-)

  5. Gee, I've just discovered there's also a German DVD release (English friendly even!). It's available from German and UK Amazon.

  6. That Dracula disc is a bootleg of León Klimovsky's Saga of the Draculas (La saga de los Drácula) I bought at a carnival years ago of all places.

    Thanks a lot for the mention! The US disc has no extras and a runtime of 1:25:22. I'll provide you a proper full scan of the cover tomorrow, it's getting late here :P

    I'll to check out that German disc, badass flick!

  7. I have that film too and incidentally it's also on a bootleg, LOL (altho on a Dutch VHS).

    Arh, don't mention it. :D

    A proper scan would be nice. Cheers.

  8. Here's the full cover...

    Also I mentioned your blog and scanned the art for the Japanese tape of OPERATION PARATROOPER on my blog just now!

  9. Very cool! Thanks a lot, Jason! :D