Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alright, that does it!!! Expect a new direction!!!

Don't ask me why I landed on a fashion blog but I did; Some girl's fashion blog and she was celebrating her 3 yrs in Cyberspace the other day (like I did). So I'm thinking "ahh, how cute she's also got a li'l blog" and then I notice the number of followers she's got: 10,000+!!!!!! O_O
And the 3 yrs as a blogger has brought her big features in magazines around the world (check the covers in the bar) and invites from Paris' fashion week. Jesus fucking christ!!! Alright, that's it, up your bum with you guys! No more posts about retarded crappy crummy nicotine smelly video tapes, from now on I write about skirts and blouses!!!

- Or maybe it's the bloopers that did it. Hmm, I should get some bloopers.


  1. If you really want readers in the blogosphere, you should write about fashion or food. It's amazing how many readers and followers some of those blogs have.

  2. females are always popular on the internet. Especially the pretty ones, ha!

  3. good idea jack !! haha !!!


  4. LOL, you're probably right, Søren.

    Hmm, I used to write about food when I did the fanzine. Hmm, maybe I should translate those old "toasty egg" and "cheese-on-toast" recipes and let them lead me to success. xD.

    @Armando; I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying I'm not pretty??? I can assure you there's a pretty face behind this paperbag. o_O

    Absolutely, Joe!