Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moon Lee double bill: Devil Hunters & Kickboxer's Tears

I bought these two on eBay UK today: DEVIL HUNTERS and KICKBOXER'S TEARS. Both films are Hong Kong flicks and they star the lovely (and ass kicking) Moon Lee (who was of course also in ANGEL 3 which I posted about yesterday) and she's joined by the equally lovely (and mucho ass kicking) Sibelle Hu (in DEVIL) and Yukari Oshima (in KICKBOXER'S). Both tapes are US releases and quite hard to get hold of these days. DEVIL HUNTERS is even a brand new, never opened copy! The seller had only listed them for sale within the UK but I wrote and asked him to sell them to me (apparently I'm his first non UK buyer, LOL).


  1. Kickboxer's Tears is amazing indeed!

    Me and the Cinehound crew are going to release a super nice print for fans, taken straight from the super rare Laserdisc. We are going to add English subs of course.