Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally! The Ocean Shores VHS release of BRUTAL SORCERY is finally headed in the right direction!!!

BRUTAL SORCERY is one of the old dark and nasty Hong Kong horror movies that seemed to have a curse of its own! For the longest time I just COULD NOT get hold of that damn Ocean Shores tape!! Every time (which isn't very often as it's a quite rare VHS) it turned up on eBay some schmuck with more money would always beat me on the finishing line. But not this time, not last night, no sir'ee! xD xD xD

I'm rather skint at the moment but just out of principle I put 50 bucks on the tape as I knew with myself that I'd truly and utterly HATE my own guts if some schmendrick (who might not even know what the movie is) won it for 25 dollars or something - simply because nobody else placed a bid.

I "knew" that I wasn't gonna win it with 50 dollars but at least I could feel comfort in knowing I'd done what I could. I was so sure that I wasn't gonna win this most treasured Ocean Shores tape that I didn't even care to follow the auction. Well, lo and behold, I opened my email account today and the first email that I see says... "You won this item on eBay: BRUTAL SORCERY - rare Horror, Ocean Shores-demonic gore". Arrrgh! Auto winning bid: 43 dollars!!!

But needless to say there's always something else to worry about and I wasn't even sure the seller would accept my winning bid and he was in his full right not to do so. The auction was listed as: "Ships to: United States" so if the seller hadn't been happy with a winning bid of $43 he could have said "Sorry, buddy, you don't live in the US" and cancelled the auction. Fortunately he didn't and cheers to him for that. Whoever he is.

Ahh, BRUTAL SORCERY. Just try and say it slowly... BRRUUUTTTAAALLL SOOOORCEERYYY. Ahhh. And yes, it's the one where a possessed family man has a chicken and he... no, you really need to watch it. :D

PS: Unfortunately, there's never been a DVD release of the film. There's an un-subbed Ocean Shores VCD in Cantonese/Mandarin, and a Cantonese language VHS from Japan but that's about it I'm afraid. And both are just as rare as the OS tape. Click the label for the title if you'd like to check the covers for the two other releases.


  1. A buddy of mine has this tape. There was also one for rental in a vid shop near me that stocked lots of Asian movies, mostly Shaw Brothers Dragon Video bootlegs and Ocean Shores tapes. In that neighborhood, those movies rented better than newer releases.

  2. Congrats buddy! And your lucky that I didn't make a bid. I always win! I was suppose to. Yes, I know I have it, but can you ever have enough dark and nasty Hong Kong tapes? But if I would have won, I would have sold/given it to you :)

  3. Ahh, that's so nice, you Norwegian moosehead.

    Btw, get this, it used to belong to a Cinehound member who sold it off and now he regrets it. Poor sod (but my luck, obviously!).

  4. Venoms5, that's very cool. It rented better than newer releases!!!

  5. The owner of the store said that the Asian movies overall rented better than the newer releases. The last time I was over in that direction, that video store was still there. That's been about six months ago. I never rented BRUTAL SORCERY from there, though. I don't recall if it was dubbed or subbed.

  6. Hi Jack,

    nice cover. Try a Google Picture search for Argento's Inferno and see the same pink skull ;-D


  7. Thanks, Peder. People keep saying that to me, haha. I own the old Italian VHS (which I bought in OZ) and I should probably upgrade. LOL.